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A logo is very important for all those who seek to build a brand and want to be recognized quickly. However, sometimes there are not enough resources (especially when starting a project) to hire a designer, so designing your own logo becomes the only option.

Fortunately, the software is on your side, as there are several options that are able to help you design your own logo in a few minutes. Beware, software will not design the logo for you, but offer very simple ways to help you create logo designs that look professional. Here I’ll show you some options to design your own logos:


It is a very powerful editor and logo maker. You can easily start with a pre-made logo design from more than 5000 options with different fonts, colors, shapes and then customize it according to your needs.

The logo creator is powerful and easy to use, and contains millions icons, a lot of shapes and many preset fonts so you do not have to do them yourself. Just choose them and that’s it.

Obtaining the option of basic features and output is completely free, while if you want options with vectors or in high resolution you will get between 19.99 dollars and 39.99 dollars. With the basic and plus plan, you can save your logo to your account for further editing. Take a close look at:



Designimo is an online tool that offers hundreds of pre-designed logo options and you only have to put the name of your company and your slogan so that’s fine.

You can divide them into categories so that you can search one in their data base and then you can modify it to customize it. You can change from the colors to the typefaces and the position of the forms.

It gives you SOME freedom, and it is not a bad tool especially considering that it is free to try. The full logo in high resolution will cost you $ 29.95.

You can access it here:


Like the others, this online tools allow you to create your logo. It will also gives you an aesthetic and professional look for your logo just like the two above. Of course you can modify the result if you want.

However, there are no free options. You will have to pay between 9.99 dollars for a month of subscription to obtain the files. $ 49.99 in the Premium plan, which does get vector files. This is very easy to use and it’s fairly fun to make a custom logo. The price to download the logo is reasonable, and they offer chat support and a large FAQ section for any questions you may have. With some additional cost, you can get some different logo sizes for your social media pages or a pre-made, branded presentation. Of course, you will have to register to use the tools. Check it here:

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