Must you have heard of GPS being used to locate someone…right?

This was in news for so and so reason since many days when the government ordered each educational institutes and companies to install the GPS tracker in each vehicle associated with them with proper tracking.

But what if you want to locate some person for so and so reason? Won’t you install the GPS devices with them individually…right?

Hoverwatch app

Yes, here your phone will act as the device which will help you track that person easily. Although this mechanism also works on GPS techniques itself you don’t have to worry about the devices.

All you need is a good smartphone with good internet connectivity and GPS enabled on the destination phone. Even there are many apps available for Android and iOS which will help you with all these. One such app is Hoverwatch android tracking app which allows you track someone effectively with accurate and precise location.

How the tracking with Hoverwatch app works?

Hoverwatch works similar to how other GPS apps work and is pretty straight simple. The best thing is being an end user you don’t have to think of how exactly it works. The app is great considering the motto for which it has been developed.

All you have to do here is, just install the app on the destination phone which you want to track and login to your dashboard to get the live location and activities.

You can try Hoverwatch on this site and get started to the amazing world of legal spying. But make sure you are using this law and not for any illegal spying.

The best use of location tracker is to keep a track on your kids, employees, and if you are running any business, you can track your logistic or similar stuff. This will save a lot of your time and help you manage the things in effective ways.

The whole process can be simplified as their step process as shown in the below image-

And all you need is a smartphone which will act as a source device which will be with the person whom you want to track. And a destination device which can be a mobile phone or system which will act as a dashboard and where you will get all the details regarding the location and activity of the person whom you are targeting.

Here are different features of the Hoverwatch mobile tracker which you may want to have a look at the below video. This also shows how you can install and configure the app on both source and destination devices.

So, by this way without any additional devices or software and with just a phone and an app, you can get the location in real-time. Here are some of the ways where you can use the tracker and you may want to know the location of someone-

  • In parental control where you may want to track your kids
  • Being an employer you may want to track your employees
  • If you are a part of an organization which take care of logistics then you want to try your subordinates or employees
  • Schools and organization can use it to track drivers and other logistics related persons and much more…

This list will keep on growing as per the cases and requirements.


This was all about how to use the phone to track someone and get the live locations. There are many scenarios as we discussed above where we need to locate someone and in such cases, these will help you a lot. Try Hoverwatch and experience the feature of it. Apart from the location tracker there a number of different useful applications where the app can help you a lot in real-life.

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