The Best Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

No matter whether you have to focus at work or do well in school, being mentally sharp is always needed. Your brainpower directly has its role play in your overall well being and societal image. Currently, game developers have come out with some of the best apps that can give a power boost to your cognitive ability. Such apps are particularly meant towards healing your mental health along with keeping you involved in a positive way. The problems solving skills and information processing speed are directly impacted by these brainpower games. The engaging video games are known to cure Alzheimer’s disease and dementia up to a certain limit. Also, they encounter age-related cognitive decline and keep you mentally fit.


So let’s know about those amazing mind development games that are a must-have on your smartphone –

  1. Lumosity – the popularized application is divided into several sessions. It is dedicated to stimulating your brain power, thinking ability, problem-solving skills, memory, and attention. It comes with a clock that changes every time as the game reaches next level. Playing the game just once in a day can have a great effect on your mental skills. You can track the same in the form of your performance and compare it with the past results. The game is available for $80 per year as well as for free.
  2. Cognifit brain fitness – dedicated to enhancing your concentration, memory and cognitive abilities, the application is designed by neuroscientists. It can track your brain progress in the form of quizzes. Just by spending 20 minutes a day with cognifit brain fitness application, you are going to give an enormous improvement in your mental Power.
  3. Personal Zen – you need to follow two animated characters that appear friendly and aggressive. Developed by Dr. Dennis, the game reduces you are mental anxiety and gives you a positive stamina to bed more in life. Just a single session of the gameplay can keep you come for several hours. Playing the game before facing any stressful event is going to give a boost to your endurance.
  4. Brain trainer special – Just similar to luminosity, the Android-based application is an assorted cognitive game which is all about more brain power and mental skills. It stimulates your intellectual by making you memorize letter sequences, math problems, and phone numbers. The game is available at Google Play for free.
  5. Happily– the game lets you train your brain for being happier. There is others have come up with a unique game that Encounters negative thoughts and helps you to cope up with stressful situations. The game is all about happier life and ability to manage things without getting over stressed. The fundamentals psychology of the game involves creating quizzes, gratitude general, and poles. The game features your amazing life changing habits that would definitely make you smile all day long.
  6. Positive activity Jackpot – the last on our list is a game that is meant for encountering the risk of mental trauma. Featured with GPS technology, the game helps you to cope up with depression and adverse situation of life. Positive activity Jackpot is a game of behavioral therapy that encourages you to schedule in joy wills activities for improving your mood and positive thoughts.

These are the best mind games as far we think, well if you look at the chess and Sudoku is also one of the best mind game but these games need strategies to win. The city building games are also of the best exercise for the mind. You need to keep each and everything in the right place. Well, do let us know if you have any other we will love to list them into this article.

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